Obstacle Avoider Robot with Ultrasonic range finder

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In this project, an Obstacle Avoiding Robot is designed that avoid obstacles. When it detects obstacle, it stop, get reverse & go to left or right as per algorithm.

Please note: 

We can change the Microcontroller board as per customer requirement Please use comment box to specify your requirement, when order the project in checkout page. We works on Atmega, Arduino Board, Texas instruments launchpad etc.



Obstacle avoider robot is basically used for any gardening purpose, cleaning, wall following, distance measurement, 3D modeling etc. This simple robot is used to avoid the obstacle & follow another route.

Robotics is an interesting and fast growing field. Being a branch of engineering, the applications of robotics are increasing with the advancement of technology.  It is an Atmega16 based robot that uses Ultrasonic range finder sensors to avoid collisions. It avoid obstacle, take turn to find another way.

Components used: 

  • ATmel Atmega16 Development board
  • Ultrasonic range finder sensor
  • DC motor +12V,
  • Wheels
  • Free Wheel



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Weight 800 g


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