Nutty’s Research & Development -R&D

What We Provides?

We provide solution from scratch to product level that is directly to customers need. with an impressive list of achievements, including innovations in Wifi Devices, IOT Boards, Customized Solutions, service delivery, and more.

What about R&D Team?

The lab is focused on a wide array of projects in exploratory and applied research. Nutty’s R&D teams is in Embedded business today across India, where we interact directly to Industry, Company, R&D Innovation Labs, Startups, Customers and End users to design the products, Devices, Frames that are closely to them. We ensure to customers that customer’s benefits rapidly increase from our drive towards performance, lower power consumption, enhanced features with manufacturing technology to packaging and designs with software, firmware, clouds & support tools.

What’s the Today’s Boom?

As the IoT- Internet of Things with Machine Learning & AI-Artificial Intelligence are new & continues to see explosive growth, our Data Science Engineering Team and Wireless Engineering Team increasingly design & develop new innovation with new devices that have inbuilt AI Machine Learning Firmware to auto-calibrate the known devices, PIN, sensor & networks to enable brilliant projection capabilities in elsewhere.

Nutty’s labs not only benefit the company but also provide individuals with the opportunity to pursue promising ideas that could have broad application, thus cultivating the next generation of engineers.

What You can proceed to get Solution?

If you have the idea, want any customized services, cloud solution, customized devices & boards that you want to develop, we can design it for you.

You can write to us, our expert team will Revert you back.

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