Nutty’s Research & Development -R&D

What about R&D Team?

Nutty’s R&D teams are dedicated to a diverse range of projects in both exploratory and applied research. With a focus on the Embedded business, we actively engage with various stakeholders such as industries, companies, R&D innovation labs, startups, customers, and end-users. This close interaction allows us to design products, devices, and frames that closely align with their specific needs.

Our primary goal is to ensure that our customers experience rapid benefits through our relentless pursuit of performance improvements, lower power consumption, and enhanced features. From manufacturing technology to packaging and designs, we consider every aspect of the product development process. Our expertise extends to software, firmware, cloud integration, and support tools, providing a comprehensive solution for our customers.

What We Provides?

We specialize in delivering end-to-end solutions that cater directly to our customers’ specific needs. Our track record boasts a remarkable list of achievements, including groundbreaking innovations in WiFi devices, IoT boards, customized solutions, service delivery, and much more. From concept to product level, we ensure a seamless process that addresses the unique requirements of our customers, resulting in exceptional outcomes and customer satisfaction.

What’s the Today’s Boom?

As the field of IoT (Internet of Things) combined with Machine Learning and AI (Artificial Intelligence) experiences rapid growth, our dedicated Data Science Engineering Team and Wireless Engineering Team are actively involved in designing and developing innovative solutions. Our focus is on creating new devices equipped with AI Machine Learning Firmware, enabling automatic calibration of known devices, PINs, sensors, and networks. This integration empowers these devices with exceptional projection capabilities in various contexts.

At Nutty’s labs, our efforts not only benefit our company but also provide individuals with an opportunity to explore promising ideas that have wide-ranging applications. We are committed to nurturing the next generation of engineers by fostering an environment that encourages innovation and creativity.

What You can proceed to get Solution?

If you have any innovative ideas and require customized services, cloud solutions, or the development of customized devices and boards, we can design and bring them to life for you.

Feel free to contact us, and our team of experts will respond to your inquiry promptly.

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