Customized IOT Board with ESP12E 8266 & ATmel AVR ATmega8

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This IOT Internet of Things Kits Includes Atmel ATmega8 with NodeMCU esp12E 8266 wifi with predefined analog & digital connector with it.

This board specification:

  • Best in-class Brand Free IOT board
  • Inbuilt interfacing connectors/ pins to directly connect sensor
  • More details given below on product description

Kit Includes

Note: Special dedicated helpcode for the given hardware freely available with this product that will help to upload to data to Icloud Servers. A Firmware is already uploaded with This Development board with Unique ID.

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This Brand Free IOT Internet of Things board with Kit includes ATmega8 Board attached with  ESP8266 12E wifi, with Programmer to write .hex file to ATmel AVR Atmega8. Also Wifi can directly attached with Android cable to Arduino IDE.

you can easily build your program at ATmel AVR Studio & can create .hex file. After it you can easily write your program using given programmer with this kit. All the instruction to write & run your program to board will attached soon with this product page.

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This board specification: 

  • Builtin NUTTYFI IoT Device
  • Builtin Arduino programming Socket
  • USB Programming & Bootloader interface with CH340 interface
  • Support & builtin FTDI Converter interface socket
  • Support & builtin CP2012 Converter interface socket
  • Inbuilt I2C Protocol interface
  • Inbuilt Serial Protocol interface
  • Inbuilt 4 UART Protocol interface
  • Inbuilt SPI Protocol interface
  • ATmel ISP Programming Interface
  • In depth learning with IOT with different types of sensor & actuators
  • Direct Interaction with Arduino IDE Platform & C Programming
  • Direct Interaction with ATmel AVR Studio & C Programming
  • Direct interfacing with Analog sensor with inbuilt 6 channel ADC
  • Direct interfacing with Digital sensor 20 channel digital output
  • Interfacing with Actuator
  • Building of LOCAL WEB SERVER
  • WAP hotspot
  • Local Web Server using ESP8266 12E
  • IOT Gateway over wifi
  • 20 Pin Connectors for external module interface
  • Cloud server configuration
  • Inbuilt Wifi Interfacing with live icloud servers
  • Direct interfacing with virtual serial display port to display local data
  • Learning & designing of Real time Our IOT Node & Applications
  • 20×4 LCD Display inbuilt brightness Adjustment
  • Wifi Inbuilt Application with Real time icloud
  • USB Interface
  • Local Server configuration
  • Inbuilt Serial Wifi IOT Gateway Interface
  • Directly Interfacing with ThingSpeakMathworks, The Open IoT Platform with MATLAB
  • Directly integrate with Cayenne’s IOT icloud GUI Dashboard: Cayenne is a drag-and-drop programming system for the IOT Devices.
  • Directly integrate with Blynk Mobile App. Blynk is a Platform with iOS and Android application (Android & ios) to control & communicate with IOT Nodes & Sensors through icloud with GUI Drag & Drop widget.


  • Introduction to Arduino platform and its interfacing with external devices
  • Introduction to NodeMCU platform and its interfacing with external devices
  • IoT based plant growth and Field parameters monitoring system in agricultural field
  • Internet of things based on forest fire monitoring in fire and safety field
  • Greenhouse monitoring and management system using IoT in environmental engineering
  • Heart rate and blood pressure monitoring system using Internet of things in the field of healthcare
  • IoT based electrical Appliances ON/OFF control system to automate home
  • Smart Energy metering using internet of things
  • IoT for Construction Equipment monitoring in construction site
  • Solar PV monitoring and control using IoT

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Weight 250 g

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  1. Keemat Ali, puna

    I have purchased this board. The best board i have purchased. Working good. Thank you.

  2. Mohit US Embedded

    I got this board. very good board. Could you mail me the tutorial of IOT. Actually, i m R&D Engineer in US Embedded.

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