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How to Install Nutty ATmel Atmega328 Board to Arduino IDE

This tutorial will teach you how to install download, install, and testing the Arduino software( Arduino IDE) & then how to install Nutty ATmel ATmega328 Board to Arduino Software.

Now, talk about primary requirements. You need


Download the Arduino Software from arduino official site & scroll down. you will see the arduino downloading option. click on “Window Installer, for window XP and up” as shown in image below.  Now arduino software will start download.


After download, install the arduino software.


Open the Arduino IDE, & go to tools->board, Now you will see the many option for Arduino Boards. For Nutty ATmel Atmega328 Board, it is recommended to select “Arduino/Genuino Uno” as shows in image.


Now, Nutty ATmel Atmega328 board is ready to program, The Port using Tools->Port-> &  Upload the program.

write your first program:

Connect the Nutty ATmel ATmega328 Board with FTDI USB to UART converter (to install ftdi converter in your computer visit this link. )

Launch he Arduino IDE go to  File->Examples-> 1.Basic-> Blink, open the blink example & upload the example code to Nutty’s ATmel ATmega328 board.